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What is Folio Box


Present your photos in a beautiful Folio Box. Stand it on the cupboard as a display album.

A handcrafted box paired with a selection of prints; either board mounted or matted in an elegant frame. Each Folio Box is equipped with the prints of your choice.

You can include from 5 up to 20 elegant, stand-alone prints in your story box.


  • You can pick either ready assembled Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints. 

  • Available sizes in landscape, square and portrait format

  • Include mounted images and box

See the orange 'Let's Chat!' at the bottom right of this page? Let me know your Folio box preference to order or simply message me if you have any questions! 

Check the options below!

Box fabric

Textile exterior

textile 3.JPG
textile 1.JPG
textile 2.JPG

Velvet or Suede exterior

velvet and suede outside.JPG
velvet and suede outside 2.JPG

Textile interior

textile inside.JPG
textile inside2.JPG
available patterns.JPG
mat colours.jpg
prints types.JPG
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