There is a certain joy in newborn photography that is unlike any other. It's the baby's first professional photograph, the expressions are uncontrolled, and the bliss of the photograph comes purely from capturing the innocence and cuteness of a baby.

they can be a handful, the change can be overwhelming. this is why during the session i want you to completely relax. 

i take over for couple of hours while you can put your feet up and enjoy the session. 

booking session is possible from the first scan. please don't leave it to late i don't  want you to be disappointed !


Suggested time to photograph newborn Babies is when they are between 6-21 days new. The reason for this is because they are still very sleepy, feel calm when nicely swaddled, they're flexible and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb. Older babies may be harder to settle, disturbed by colic and much more fidgety.

Common times for growth spurts are during the first few days at home and around 9-11 days old, so I try to avoid this time.


Please be sure that yours and your baby's safety is the most important for me. since the pandemic happened louella's photography safety and hygiene measures will be even bigger to what they were before. I'm a mobile photographer and i respect your home. this is why I will take my shoes off, wash my hands frequently and wear face shield. I will only book limited number of newborn sessions in a week to have time to wash all props, wraps, backdrops and sterilize headbands in between the photoshoots.  

I work without an assistants so sometimes I may need your hand holding baby's head, hands or body.


    Your Experience

I allow plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes and comforting during the session.

Newborn session can take up to 4 hours! Please undress your baby to a nappy and wrap in blanket while you feed your baby 30 minutes prior the session. this way baby is sleepy and happy, ready for a relaxing photo shoot when asleep. The room should be nice and warm during the session to make sure your baby always feels comfortable naked, or lightly dressed/wrapped so wear cool and comfortable clothing. 

I have beautiful baby clothes, tutus, dressing up costumes, props and wraps. You’re free to choose the ones you wish your baby’s photos to be taken with.

The session fee covers session time, carefully selected and edited images one by one to ensure the best possible result.

Siblings, spouses and grandparents are welcome to take part in pictures with no additional fee, although because of the time the session can take I advise the rest of the family to arrive at the end for additional pictures.

Please carefully check pictures in my portfolio menu to make sure you like my style. In your package I include posing shots on bean bag and, if baby allows, shots in the basket/bucket. Pictures include whole body shots, different angles, close face shots, close-ups (hands/or nose/or feet -  normally only one max 2 pics). For older baby pictures please check the Baby option in pricelist.

Collection I



  • around 2 hours session at the comfort of your home

  • 5 professionally edited digital photographs in private online gallery

  • 5 10x8 matching Fine Art High Resolution Printed Photographs,

  • Pre-consultation 

  • Use of props and outfits

  • Posing bed posed, wrapped and naked photos

  • Family and siblings shots are not included in this session

Collection II



  • 3-4 hour session at the comfort of your home

  • 10 professionally edited digital photographs in private online gallery

  • 10 10x8 matching the digitals fine art printed photographs

  • pre-consultation

  • Posing bed posed, wrapped and naked photos

  • 1-2 basket set ups

  • Use of props and outfits

  • Family and siblings welcome to join

Collection III


  • 3-4 hour session at the comfort of your home

  • 20 professionally edited digital photographs

  • Memory photo Box for 6x4 prints photos + usb stick 

  • £20 discount for future session

  • Pre-consultation

  • Posing bed posed, wrapped and naked photos

  • Use of props and outfits

  • Family and siblings welcome to join

Add Ons and Extras

  • £50 deposit is required to secure your space and this will be deducted from the total price.

       Full balance to be paid on the day of the session.

  • 1 extra fully edited digital picture £17

  • Offer 5 extra fully edited pictures £75

  • Memory sticks available on request, posted/delivered to you in price. Please reserve your memory stick when booking photoshoot.

  • Wirral area free of travel cost. Outside the Wirral charge may apply from £10 upwards.

What Happens Next?

within a week from the session you’ll receive the link to your private gallery with the best unedited photographs from the session. From the moment when you pick your favorite photographs it will take up to 2.5 weeks for the photos to be fully edited and ready. Please allow extra week for products. 

Terms and conditions will be presented to you during the booking.

Booking your session secures your price. Price is subject to change without notice.